Ask Andrew W.K.

Every Blog I’ve ever had has had this entry. It bears repeating.

This is a question that I asked Andrew W.K. on his old “Ask Andrew” forum (I believe in 2004).

It’s important to note that the screen name that I was using on this forum was “Velcro Slip n’ Slide.”


Andrew – I love jelly beans. How many jelly beans could you eat in one sitting?

Dear Velcro Slip n’ Slide,

This is a great question! If I conditioned myself for a few days, by eating large meals infrequently I could probably strech my stomach out enough to swallow at least 5 pounds of jelly beans. I guess it depends on what kind of jelly bean it is. You know? Like what size… the big kind, or the small ones like Jelly Bellies? I think ‘ the small ones are better, plus Jelly Bellies have so many different flavors, that would make it more interesting and fun. Do they have a steak flavored jelly bean? They really should. Candy that is savory and not sweet is awesome! Like the chicken and rice flavored gum! So, it depends on how long of a sitting I get to eat all that jelly gum! All day? A few hours? A few minutes? You know? So anyway, I think I could pack away an awful lot of beans, especially if I had some water and maybe something else to help clean out my taste buds… somethin’ spicy. By the way, your name is awesome! I don’t think I’ve ever seen a velcro slip n’ slide, I guess because it wouldn’t work too well… but they do make those velcro walls – you wear a big velcro suit and then you jump into the wall and you stick to it! They have it in the Disney movie “The Blank Check”, which is an awesome movie! Anyway, thank you for your question! Take care!

Your friend,
Andrew W.K.

Top 10 Influential Albums From Your Teens

There’s a thing going around on Facebook right now for people to show how cool they were in high school.

10 influential albums as a teen
1. Metallica – …And Justice For All
2. Pantera – Vulgar Display of Power
3. Pantera – Live: 101 Proof
4. Metallica – Load (it hurts to write this)
5. Tool – Ænima
6. Korn – Self Titled
7. Sepultura – Roots
8. Alice In Chains- Unplugged
9. Beck – Odelay
10. White Zombie – La Sexorcisto: Devil Music Vol. 1