A Summary Execution

This is a band I was in from like…. 2000 to 2004? I think we did a few reunion shows here and there, but that’s it.

During the early 2000’s it was cool to wear girl pants and swoop your black-ass hair out of your face. It was also cool to mesh hardcore punk rock breakdowns with harmonized metal riffs.  This is how Metalcore was born.

All of a sudden it became lame to have a “push pit.”  If you were in the pit you were hardcore dancing or walking in a circle.  It was also a good idea to be a huge dick about it.

This is a recording of an LP we put out called “The Kings of Rock Cliche”

0:00 Enter The Rock
0:24 Sparks Don’t Fly
4:03 Drano Soup For The Soul
9:02 You Died?
12:48 All Is Calm
14:02 Falltime Genocide
17:40 Geyser Of Shit
19:23 Burning Bridges, Sinking Ships
24:14 Happiness Is Seeing The One Who Got Away Get Fat
29:02 Joni Loves Chachi, And I Hate You
32:39 Song One
37:02 Pipe Dream
38:30 Hope Has A Shelf Life, Idiot
42:08 Johnny Rzeznik, You’re My Only Hope
46:50 Hidden Track
“I Am A Christmas Tree On January 1st.”


This is a video of our first show.  It was Halloween in the year 2001 (I think).

We hadn’t come up with a name yet, so we were billed as “Geyser of Shit.”

This was the original bass player, Sean Lipinski.

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