elvis, fire, skulls, jump suit, wings

A Summary Execution

This is a band I was in from roughly 2000 to 2004, with a few reunion shows after that. We mostly played around upper midwest in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, and South Dakota in whichever rock club, basement, or fest that would have us.

During the early 2000’s it was cool to wear girl pants and swoop your black hair out of your face. It was also cool to mesh hardcore punk rock breakdowns with harmonized metal riffs.  This is how Metalcore was born.

During this period in music, it became lame to have a “push pit” at rock and metal shows.  If you were in the pit you were hardcore dancing or walking in a circle.  It was also a good idea to be a huge dick about it.  I had a terrible time.

This period also witnessed the birth of very long and unusual song names, which you now still see present in bands like Panic! at the Disco and Fall Out Boy.  I once saw a band called Boys Night Out that had a song called, “I Got Punched In The Nose For Sticking My Face In Other People’s Business,” a nod to the movie The Wedding Singer with Adam Sandler.

This is a recording of an LP we put out called “The Kings of Rock Cliche”

0:00 Enter The Rock
0:24 Sparks Don’t Fly
4:03 Drano Soup For The Soul
9:02 You Died? Funny
12:48 All Is Calm
14:02 Falltime Genocide
17:40 Geyser Of Shit
19:23 Burning Bridges, Sinking Ships
24:14 Happiness Is Seeing The One Who Got Away Get Fat
29:02 Joni Loves Chachi, And I Hate You
32:39 Song One
37:02 Pipe Dream
38:30 Hope Has A Shelf Life, Idiot
42:08 Johnny Rzeznik, You’re My Only Hope
46:50 Hidden Track
“I Am A Christmas Tree On January 1st.”


This is a video of our first show.  It was Halloween in the year 2001 (I think).

We hadn’t come up with a name yet, so we were billed as “Geyser of Shit.”

This was the original bass player, Sean.

Vocals: Johnny & Dennis  (aka “Dentist”)
Guitars: Stinky Pete & Drew Doom
Bass: Dan T
Drums: Ryan (aka “Quigon”)

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