Muffler Chump

In the late 90’s I was in a Rap Metal band (yes, you read that correctly).  I played “Lead” guitar, despite most of the guitar parts being identical.

As far as Rap Metal goes, we were a sweet band.

What’s that now?  You want to hear what we sounded like? has all of our tracks!

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Here’s a Short Bio of Muffler Chump

Biography (from

Formed in the sweltering summer of 97′. Muffler Chump formed into what some call the greatest Rapcore band Minneapolis has ever seen. Their seamless blend of Rap and Rock turned many important heads in Minneapolis, shooting Muffler Chump to Minneapolis Legend status. Sharing the stage with such acts as Smilin’ Liar, Soma 220 and Two Ton Crutch, Muffler Chump was a great force in the ever growing Minneapolis rock scene. To this day, people still talk about Muffler Chump and their energetic, timeless performances. Muffler Chump still finds time to play shows, the most recent was March of 2004. Former members of Muffler Chump went on to play in such bands as Mercy’s Own, A Summary Execution, Johnnyrook, After All…, Attack!!!, Enola Grey, Metallagher, Kissed by Night, At Dawn and Torch the Spires.

Thanks for supporting 90’s to early 2000’s local Minneapolis Rap Metal

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