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Job Search Tracking Application

Phoenix is a desktop web application which helps job seekers approach their job search as they would their daily work. With a focus on mid-career professionals, Phoenix allows registered users to identify goals and daily tasks while tracking their progress through the application and interview process. The simple interface displays upcoming tasks, job related contacts, and career goals in one place so users can stay organized and motivated.

This version uses React, Redux, Express, Passport, PostgreSQL, and MaterialUI for styling and accessibility (a full list of dependencies can be found in package.json).

Phoenix was my Group Project at Prime Digital Academy

Phoenix on GitHub

Word Find Solver

This Word Find Solver will take in a Word Find and pick out words that are at least four letters in length. Words may go up, down, left, or right.

Word Find Solver on GitHub


Search by city or zip code to check the weather anywhere in the world!

Search on Desktop

Mobile Responsive using the Material UI Grid component


The Function Naming Tool For Programmers

NameFunk is the application for programmers around the globe to cut down on decision fatigue by telling you what to name your functions. Simply enter a term that defines your project and NameFunk will provide you with ideas. Create an account to save your function names and come back later to reference them.

This version uses React, Redux, Express, Passport, and PostgreSQL.
Additional Technologies listed below (see “Additional Technologies Used”), and a full list of dependencies can be found in package.json.

NameFunk was my Solo Project at Prime Digital Academy

NameFunk on GitHub

React – Gallery of My Life

This is a single page application that displays photos from my life! Click on a photo to see a description. Click the “Like” button on a photo and the number of “Likes” displayed will increase.

Code edited with VS Code using React. Node.js with Postgress and Express. Database built with SQL in Postico.

React – Gallery of My Life on GitHub

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